Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX)

This activity group will collect and organize user requirements and work towards establishing a common technical approach such that multi-vendor interoperation is possible. This group will operate under the IPR guidelines of the Video Services Forum. The specific tasks of this group are detailed in the Activity Group Authorization Form.

IPMX Activity Group Report and JT-NM Tested Event October Meeting

IPMX Activity Group Authorization Form - April 24, 2020

IPMX Switch Requirements Activity Group Authorization Form – February 1, 2021

VSF Board approved TR-10-5 Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMX): HDCP Key Exchange Protocol document March 23, 2022

VSF Board approved draft publication VSF_TR-10-1 IPMX System Timing and Definitions document on January 5, 2022

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please contact and he will add you to the IPMX reflector. You must be a VSF member to participate.

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